Unveiling the Podcast Meaning in English: The Ultimate Guide to Podcast

After the arrival of Internet, we are getting to see many new things. We see and hear many new words. One such word is podcast. Which is very popular in the internet. But still many people are not aware of the basics of podcast. In this article we will understand the Podcast meaning in English.

Many people are curious about Podcast, especially its meaning in English. If you are among those people and you want to know about Podcast, then this article is going to be very useful for you. So keep reading this article to know more about the podcast. So let’s start.

What is Podcast | Podcast Meaning in English

Podcast Meaning in English

Audio files on the Internet share facts about any subject. These files use the medium of audio to convey information. People call this type of audio Podcast.

The audio of the podcast is in series. The Podcast provides information on any subject through audio series. You can listen to these audio series online. Or, you can download them to gain complete knowledge on any subject.

Podcast is like radio. There are various radio shows that you enjoy listening to. There are different shows in podcasts. You can find interviews with people. There are also motivational audios available. Additionally, there are informative audios to choose from.

In radio, you had to listen to your favorite show at a specific time. But with podcasts, you can listen to your favorite show anytime from your device.

You must have heard that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is also a kind of Podcast.

In brief, people refer to all the audio series available on the Internet as Podcasts. The apps for listening to podcasts are Spotify, google podcast, audible etc.

What Does Podcast Mean?

Podcast Meaning in English

If you want to know what is podcast called in Hindi? So let me tell you. Podcast is an English word, its full form is Personal On Demand Broadcast. If we interpret its meaning in Hindi, it means broadcasting as per individual demand.

The name of the podcast is podcast in Hindi. There is no Hindi meaning of the word Podcast. You can also call it podcast in Hindi.

This might come to your mind on how Podcast got its name. Let us inform you that the name Podcast is a combination of two words. One is Pod and one is Cast. In this, we took the words “Pod” from iPod and the words “cast” from broadcast.

This might come to your mind on how Podcast got its name. So we want to tell you that we created the name Podcast by joining two words. One is Pod and one is Cast. For this, we took the words Pod from iPod and the words cast from broadcast.

How does Podcast Work?

Podcast works in the same way as a music player in your mobile or your device.
First of all the Podcaster records their voice and sound. After that he edits that recording with the help of computer and creates an audio file.

After that it uploads that audio file into the database of different apps or websites. After that, the people recognize that audio file in the form of a podcast through that app and website.

After that, you can use the Internet to visit the website. From there, you can listen to the podcast online or download it for later.

In one thing, Podcast works the same way as YouTube works. YouTube provides video, while podcasts provide audio.

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